Decisions are made every day...

From simple ones like "What am I going to have for breakfast?" to life-changing ones like "What am I going to do after High School?"
Decisions that deal with our future.
Decisions about drugs, alcohol, sex, or violence.
Decisions about friendship, compassion, love.
Our goal is to equip the youth of today to make their decisions based on Godly principles and Biblical standards.
To make their most important decision:
"Will I follow Jesus?"

There are three areas of focus for Decision Youth Ministries:

Draw closer to God
The highest priority for DYM is that the youth involved will be drawn first closer to God. I want to see the youth develop a vital, real, and active faith. I want them to challenge their faith so it becomes theirs by choice, not be default. For them to realize that God wants to be with them and relate directly to them and that He loves them because of who they are.

Draw closer to each other and their congregation
The second goal is to help the youth find a place within their congregation that is theirs. I want the youth to view their church as their own home, not just their family's or their parent's. I want to see them recognized within their congregation and valued for the ministry they can bring to the congregation.

Draw closer to the community
Third, we want to see the youth develop an outward looking faith. One that reaches out and impacts their community. We want the youth to know that they are saved by faith, but that faith without works is dead (James 2:16-18) and that the great commission in Matthew 28 is not just a suggestion.